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Neve Gordon Supports an Israeli Boycott

Check out the editorial the Israeli scholar Neve Gordon wrote in the Los Angeles Times supporting boycott and divestment campaigns targeting Israel. In our interview with Gordon, he discusses the deplorable backlash he's faced for speaking his mind.

WBAI premiums

We're so grateful to all of our listeners who've ever made a financial pledge to support WBAI and the Pacifica network, and we know the station has been negligent in recent years in sending out the premiums (whether books or CDs) you requested when you made your pledge. Now, some good news on that front: the new premium manager, Yvonne Singh, is making her way through the backlog, shipping out long-overdue premiums and setting up a system to avoid this problem in the future.

Education justice now

Donna Nevel, a founder of the Center for Immigrant Families, based in uptown Manhattan, and a guest on today's show, offers this useful list of community organizations in New York City fighting for social justice in our public schools:

Center for Immigrant Families

New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCORE)

Teachers Unite

Education Liberation Network

Pastor Hagee: God sent Hitler

Check out this amazing bit of audio that Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action dug up. It's a speech Pastor John Hagee -- founder of the Christian Zionist group Christians United for Israeli and prominent endorse of presidential candidate John McCain -- gave in the late 1990s that claims the Holocaust was God-sent.

First Hagee quotes from Jeremiah 16:15-16, which reads as follows in the King James version:

Hanon Reznikov, RIP

The Living Theater's Hanon Reznikov was a frequent guest on Beyond the Pale in recent years. He died May 3 at the age of 57. Here are contributor Alisa Solomon's words in rememberance, from our May 4 show:

Shalom, Obama, baby

Given all the creepy smears being circulated within the Jewish community accusing Barak Obama of everything from having been trained in a madrassah to taking his orders from Louis Farrakhan (see our shows on January 20 and March 2), it's lovely to see Latino Jewish musicians the Hip Hop Hoodios come out with their kitschy and hilarious intervention, "Shalom Obama," which you can give a listen at the group's MySpace page.

Nice Beyond the Pale profile at New Voices

Check out a nice profile of Beyond the Pale by Alessandra Gotbaum that just appeared in New Voices, the excellent national Jewish student magazine.

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