September 7, 2008

Broadcast Date: 
Sep 7 2008

The Nation's Ari Berman on GOP vice-presidential frontrunners Joseph Lieberman and Sarah Palin; beyond Postville: working conditions at other kosher food plants; plus, Forgiveness, a new film by Udi Aloni.

Episode segments
  • Palin, Lieberman and the Jewish vote
    National Politics, Christian Right, Electoral, Jewish
    Ari Berman is a staff writer at The Nation.
    Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    Democrat Joseph Lieberman addresses the Republican National Convention, campaigns for John Mc Cain, and introduces Vice Presidential candidate and Christian right hero Sarah Palin to AIPAC.

  • New Accusations Against Kosher Food Processors
    Jewish Life, Food
    Nathaniel Popper is a staff writer at The Forward, the national Jewish weekly.
    Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    In 2006, when Nathaniel Popper first reported on abusive working conditions at Agriprocessors' Postville Iowa plant inThe Forward, the story was virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  Then, last May, in the largest such raid ever-- to that point-- the Postville plant was raided by the immigration authorities and almost 400 workers detained, accused of identity fraud, and slated for deportation after serving 4-month sentences.  We talk to Popper about what's happened since then to the workers, their families and the town of Postville and about divisions within the Jewish community over the actual conditions within the plant and efforts to expand the laws of kashrut to include the ethical treatment of workers.  And closer to home, we learn there are new  accusations of abusive working conditions and anti-union activities at Agriprocessors' facility in Brooklyn and at another kosher food processor in Queens, Alle Processing.

  • Forgiveness: a film by Udi Aloni
    Film, Arts & Culture
    Filmmaker, Udi Aloni.
    Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark

    A young Jewish American ends up in a psychiatric hospital after being traumatized by his service in the Israeli army.  In Forgiveness, Udi Aloni uses realistic narrative and allegorical fantasy to explore the psychological traumas of both Holocaust and Nakba.  The film opens September 12th at Cinema Village , 22 East 12th Street, Manhattan.