Dec 22, 2013

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 22 2013

On today's show we rebroadcast another Disorderly Conduct, co-hosted by Alexis Goldstein and Jesse Myerson.

 When a drunk driving, rich Texas teen mows down and kills a family of four, the presiding judge accepts the defense that he suffered from “affluenza” and needs rehabilitation, not imprisonment.  Jesse and Alexis explore the lessons one might take from taking social and material factors into consideration for our justice system, writ large. 

 It’s been five years since the 2008 financial collapse, but at long last  the Volcker Rule was approved by all five of the necessary financial regulatory agencies. It is set to go into effect April 1, 2014.  Alexis explains what the rule covers, why it represents a slight shift in the balance towards reform (and away from Wall Street), and how much still remains to be done to protect our financial system and ensure greater equity. 

Reporting from Roots Camp 2013 in Washington DC, Alexis and Jesse talk with three participants about their projects:

Hannah Love (@LoveHannahE) an organizer with Planned Parenthood of Oregon (the number one state for reproductive freedom in the U.S.)

Steven Pargett (@YoungBlackThnkr) of Dream Defenders about their “Prisoners of Profit” Campaign in Florida and its target, Youth Services International.

Duncan Meisel (@duncanwrites) on-line campaign manager for’s global campaign to solve the climate crisis.