December 29, 2013

Broadcast Date: 
Dec 29 2013

Beyond the Pale dedicated its last show of 2013 to remembering the Zayde of Jewish Punk, Lou Reed, who exited stage left the past fall. Meanwhile, thanks to a new graphic novel and upcoming film, Brian Epstein, the Gay Jewish manager of the Beatles unexpectedly steps ever more into the limelight in that most epic and near-tragic pop cultural story of our time. Finally, the oft-overlooked middle period of Chagall, when he was in exile in New York, returns to New York and audiences are now confronted with a singular case of Holocaust art that made the crucifixion its central symbol. 


Three separate guests joined Beyond the Pale for the show:

1. Steven Lee Beeber: author of HEEBIE-JEEBIES at CBGB's, find out more at







 2. Viveak Tiwary: Broadway Producer of "American Idiot," and more, and author of "The Fifth Beatle." Find out more at



3. Susan Tumarkin Goodman:Senior Curator of Chagall: War, Love and Exile, find out more at