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Green Zone: a documentary about Israeli Policy in East Jerusalem

Click here to watch this short documentary about Israel's policies in occupied East Jerusalem.

A Chanukah Rant

I've always found Chanukah troubling, and not just because of the way this minor holiday has been blown way out of proportion to provide an opportunity for Jewish Americans to partake in the orgy of Christmas shopping.  What bothers me even more is who and what it celebrates: a group of religious fanatics making war on their fellow Jews.  And yet who can resist candlelight and latkes?

Neve Gordon Supports an Israeli Boycott

Check out the editorial the Israeli scholar Neve Gordon wrote in the Los Angeles Times supporting boycott and divestment campaigns targeting Israel. In our interview with Gordon, he discusses the deplorable backlash he's faced for speaking his mind.

WBAI premiums

We're so grateful to all of our listeners who've ever made a financial pledge to support WBAI and the Pacifica network, and we know the station has been negligent in recent years in sending out the premiums (whether books or CDs) you requested when you made your pledge. Now, some good news on that front: the new premium manager, Yvonne Singh, is making her way through the backlog, shipping out long-overdue premiums and setting up a system to avoid this problem in the future.

Henry Siegman on Gaza Assault

Henry Siegman, former head of the American Jewish Congress, has in recent years become a strong critic of Israeli Government policies and one of the most well-informed.  His views are often expressed in the London Review of Books. His most recent essay, Israel's Lies, takes on Israel's justiifications for their assault on Gaza.

American Jews for a Just Peace (AJJP)

Check out this relatively new progressive organization, AJJIP.  Good principles and a very useful website.

Tel Aviv Artists Protest War

At a celebration in Tel Aviv of the national poet, Bialik-- from whom the phrase "cast lead" was cynically taken to name the assault on Gaza -- our friend, the filmmaker Udi Aloni, and other well-known cultural personalities, demonstrate outside -- with a powerful alternative poem of Bialik's. Watch Israeli President Shimon Peres try to ignore the truth, here.

Tom Segev on Gaza Assault

In Trying to 'Teach Hamas a Lesson,' revisionist historian and Haaretz journalist Tom Segev visits the historical record to illustrate the futility of Israel's efforts over the years to bludgeon the Palestinians into abandoning their national aspirations.

Gideon Levy on Gaza Assault

Read Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy's trenchant critique of the Israeli assault on Gaza: The Neighborhood Bully Strikes Again and his reply to Gaza war supporter, author, A.B. Yehoshua,