El Danzon de Moises
Roberto Juan Rodriguez

Percussionist Roberto Juan Rodriguez, who grew up in Miami's Cuban community, blends the music of his youth--klezmer, Afro-Cuban, danzon, and son--to great effect.

Paul Shapiro and his Ribs and Brisket Revue

A collection of songs from the 1920s, 20s and 40s, in Yiddish or based on Jewish themes

Gabriel Kahane
Gabriel Kahane

It's hard to categorize the fresh ecclectic sound of this singer, composer and pianist, whose music blends pop, jazz and classical forms in surprising and delightful ways.

Masada String Trio

Issachar is actually one disc of a two-CD set called The Circle Maker, part of John Zorn's ongoing Masada project, which features the Bar Kokhba Sextet on the second disc, Zevulon. Of all Masada's manifestations, the Masada String Trio is our favorite for pure gorgeousness.

It's in the Twilight
Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro's latest is a celebratory riff on the arrival of Shabbat.

Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos
Marc Ribot

Guitarist Marc Ribot's amazing homage to Cuban bandleader Arsenio Rodriguez, with Brad Jones on bass and EJ Rodriguez on percussion. Completely addictive.

Melt Zonk Rewire
New Klezmer Trio

Klezmer meets experimental jazz on the Tzadik label, with Ben Goldberg on clarinet, Dan Seamans on bass, and Kenny Wollesen on drums. You've probably heard us play track 4.

Midnight Minyan
Paul Shapiro

Saxophonist Paul Shapiro delivers beautiful arrangements and impressive musicianship.

Sephardic Tinge

This band, led by pianist Anthony Coleman, explores the space between traditional jazz, Spanish and Jewish music, inspired, Coleman says, by growing up in Brooklyn near a Latino marketplace at the height of the salsa craze.

Red Sea
Dave Taylor

Red Sea is a creative and exciting blend of original music, Hasidic melodies, improvisation and ambient soundscapes. Inspired by the music of the legendary Cantor Pierre Pinchik, this is a moody and dynamic album evoking the ecstasy of cantorial fervor.

Volume 2: Beit

From the great Masada series, led by John Zorn on alto sax, with Dave Douglas on trumpet, Greg Cohen on bass, and Joey Baron on drums. Track 4 gets heavy play.